Transforming social issues of our time. 

Leading with resilience and grace

a program for women who serve

Why Focus on Women? 

When women thrive, families and communities also thrive. In every culture, in every social issue, women are the key agents to empowering communities. 

Women in the military are an under-served population and their unique needs often overlooked. When women do not successfully reintegrate from their military service to civilian life their entire family suffers. When families suffer so do communities. Today's women service members have higher rates of suicide, homelessness and unemployment. 

Reintegration is a community issue and can only happen with community participation including the support of local businesses, nonprofits and government agencies. 

Sunergos partners with the American Legion, Operation HomeFront, Grace After Fire, CalVet, YWCA and AUSA to bring transformational transition programs to these women who have given so much for our country. 


Leading with Resilience and Grace is a program designed for military women during transitions. During this three day program, participants explore: 

Leadership: Realizing a future that would not have happened otherwise. Learning to exercise leadership under all circumstances. 

Resilience: Putting the past in the past and regaining their footing with velocity. Bringing their full capacity to what they are dealing with moment to moment. 

Grace: Learning to be in the flow of life and gain the capacity to exercise love, kindness and mercy in all situations. 

We promise participants that they will leave the program equipped to lead an integral life with resilience and grace, where all elements of life work in harmony. 

Participant Results

- Clarity about the direction of their lives and the creation of an

   inspiring future that calls them into action. 

- The ability to freely move on to the next phase of their lives,

   unencumbered by past events. 

- The freedom to perform beyond previous limitations and access to new

   behaviors that will enhance their impact and contribution. 

- A renewed sense of leading with resilience and grace in all areas of

   their lives, both personally and professionally. 


- The ability to lead an integral life where all component parts are working

   in harmony. 

"I realized that I was not alone in my journey through this life. I am not crazy or wounded beyond repair. These are the gifts this program has given me." - Program Participant

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