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Sponsor Leading with Resilience and Grace

A sunergos institute program for
​women who serve

Your sponsorship brings this life-altering program to more women who serve our nation! 

Leading with Resilience and Grace supports women in active service as well as veterans in transition from home to deployment, or from active duty to civilian life. Participants leave the program equipped to lead an integral life where all component parts are working in harmony. 

Organizations can host this program with their internal employees. You can also contribute to these honorable women by becoming a sponsor of our invitation-only programs. 

Now is the time for businesses and citizens to step up.

Supporting women service members and veterans is critical to our success as a nation in successfully reintegrating military families. Partner with us and the relationships we have with local nonprofit and government organizations including the American Legions, Operation HomeFront, Challenge America and Grace After Fire.

Sponsorship Benefits

- Recognition via verbal announcements and branded signage

   during the programs you sponsor

- Ability to distribute company information or giveaways to program

   participants and community events

- Recognition in press releases and other news articles about the


- Web recognition (for national sponsors)

National Supporters

2011 Leading with Resilience and Grace

Women in Military Service for America Memorial, Washington DC

For more information about corporate sponsorship, contact or call 847-658-1746.