Transforming social issues of our time. 

We believe that every human has the right to lead an extraordinary life.

The Sunergos Institute is a nonprofit organization 501 c(3) established to make a profound difference in the social issues of our time. 

With over 25 years of experience, our senior faculty are experts in utilizing a transformational methodology to support people facing
​extraordinary circumstances. 

Serving Those Who Serve


We have a deep and enduring commitment to supporting our nation's service members. We are committed that our service members have the opportunity to successfully reintegrate into civilian life after serving in combat.  

Our programs have been hosted by numerous military units and centers including the Medical Education & Training Campus (METC) at Fort Sam Houston, the US Air Force Academy, the 563rd Combat Rescue Group, the 43rd Airlift Group at Pope Field, North Carolina, Veteran Administration Healthcare System, Ann Arbor, Michigan and others.

We also work with groups of individual service members, such as soldiers from the Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB) at Fort Carson, Wounded Warrior Wives (Hosted by Operation HomeFront), and women veterans from all branches of the Department of Defense. 

Leading with Resiliency and Grace is our signature transformational leadership and resilience program, focusing on providing successful reintegration for women who serve. Designed for women veterans, active duty women, women serving in the Guard and Reserve, wives and mother of veterans and women advocates, we offer this program across the country and at no charge to participants.

The program also supports our larger commitment to contribute to the body of research on preventing the current negative outcomes (unemployment, homelessness and suicide) that often occurs when the transition and reintegration of service members is ineffective. 


A Transformative Model

Our programs are based on a contextual, whole-person perspective of creating well-being and high-level performance across all components of one's life. This allows us to present a new view of resilience and reintegration in a context of performance. 

We use a transformative model that facilitates the examination of interpretations and beliefs about reality. Participants investigate their underlying assumptions and situational frames of reference that make up the context (or perceptual lens) through which they view their lives and, in turn, what has been shaping their actions. This creates the opportunity for a more empowering context, one that can shift how they approach events and circumstances in their lives.

When participants gain access to altering the context in which they see their lives, their futures, their relationships, themselves, and most importantly their past experiences, opportunities for new ways of being and new actions naturally arise.